Why Proudtree?

Proudtree Empowered Learning was founded with one essential goal in mind: to help children learn to embrace and love who they are as they develop respect for others.

We believe helping children develop a strong social and emotional foundation has never been more important. Did you know that most children fail in school not because they lack the necessary cognitive skills, but because they feel detached, alienated, and isolated from others and from the educational process.*

The good news is that when you instill children with a sense of control over their world, you equip them with self-confidence, the skills needed for intellectual growth, and a foundation of empowerment upon which they can build—experiences that help them develop the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.

We started Proudtree Empowered Learning to give children a fun and inspiring way to begin to lay this empowering foundation.


* M. Beck and J. Malley, "A Pedagogy of Belonging,"  Reclaiming Children and Youth