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At Proudtree Empowered Learning we strive to help children love and embrace who they are. We empower the whole child with brands that focus on social and emotional development, physical activity, and healthy nutrition. When you instill children with a sense of control over their world, you equip them with self-confidence, the skills needed for intellectual growth, and a foundation of empowerment upon which they can build—experiences that help them develop the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.

Our Brands

The Sweetwater Kids brand focuses on 10 character-building themes essential for developing a strong social and emotional foundation: Belonging, Making Choices, Self-Discovery, Recognizing Emotions, Optimism, Self-Confidence, Kindness and Compassion, Cultivating Respect, Self-Reflection.

The Choosy Kids brand promotes health in young children and their families. It was founded on the belief that healthy preferences for food and beverage choices, physical activity, and daily health routines can be developed early in life.

Sweetwater Farms was established as an empowerment incubator to refine and practice wellness concepts for children. Today this teaching farm offers children and their families an amazing outdoor experience for social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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Proudtree Empowered Learning was founded with one essential goal in mind: to help children love and embrace who they are as they develop respect for others.

We are often asked about the significance of the name Proudtree. A tree is a symbol of great and enduring strength with its body rooted in the earth and its branches proudly reaching up to the sky. Proudtree symbolizes this authentic expression of beauty, strength, growth, and resiliency.

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From the tiniest of seeds a strong tree can grow when given the nourishment it needs to be itself.
— Proudtree Empowered Learning